Ancient Cosmetics | Case Study
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, 3D Motion Graphics
Ancient Cosmetics, a black-owned family business with an impressive Instagram following of 966K, faced the challenge of conveying their commitment to all-natural skincare effectively. Their need was to stand out in a competitive market, showcase their incredible customer results, and communicate their dedication to diverse skin types.

Starks Incorporated devised an innovative motion graphics campaign that beautifully addressed Ancient Cosmetics' unique needs. Through visually stunning animations and compelling storytelling, we highlighted the brand's natural product offerings and their transformative impact on diverse skin types. Leveraging Ancient Cosmetics' impressive Instagram following, we strategically shared these motion graphics, engaging their loyal audience and attracting new customers. By combining the power of storytelling and motion graphics, Starks Incorporated helped Ancient Cosmetics elevate its brand, communicate its values, and share its remarkable customer results with a wider audience, ultimately driving growth and reinforcing its commitment to natural skincare.
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